Repair instead of replacing!

We take care of the administration, the organization of the repair, the verification of the repair calculations as well as the settlement with all parties involved such as insurance companies, business customers and drivers!

Why replace when it can still be repaired?

In principle, damaged auto body parts can either be repaired or replaced. The fact is that almost three-quarters of the cost of an auto body repair is due to financing the spare parts.

The question of the most suitable repair method for a cost-optimised, ecological repair that is in line with the current value is of central importance to us at HCG. Alternative repair methods such as micro repair or the printing technique contribute significantly to cost reduction - but they should also be applied.

Alongside with the collision repair partners, our technical experts assess every individual damage case and seek the most suitable repair method before approving the repair. Through our specially trained claims experts and the consistent application of our in-house HCG assessment methods, it is not uncommon for us to achieve significant cost savings for our clients.

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Why replace when it can still be repaired?

New is not better - the advantage of a repair!

Due to the rising prices of spare parts and the CO2 emissions caused by their production, as well as due to new tools and modern working techniques, it makes more than just sense to prefer a repair to a repair with spare parts in the case of many vehicle damages.

With the return to the traditional virtues of a car body repairer and vehicle painter and with the latest repair technology, our partners live the philosophy: "Repair as much as possible, and only replace where necessary!

In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages, this reduces the intervention in the vehicle structure to a minimum - a significant advantage, among other things, with the electronic components installed today.

New is not better - the advantage of a repair!

Conserve resources

It is important to us and our bodywork partners to combine high-quality work with a responsible and careful use of our scarce resources.

Alternative repair methods, such as the "MicroRepair" painting process, the dent printing technique, or rim repairs with state-of-the-art CNC lathes help to massively reduce costs but also CO2 emissions.


The Allianz Centre for Technology (AZT), in cooperation with the "Karlsruhe Institute of Technology" (KIT), has balanced the ecological benefits in typical car repairs.

"When repairing a side panel, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 60 percent, when repairing a plastic bumper by 72 percent - in each case compared to replacing the parts. When repairing minor damage to a wing, CO2 emissions are 44 per cent lower than when the wing is painted in its entirety." (Allianz demands green repair, Munich 9/2009)

Conserve resources

Some of our tasks:

  • Record the damage report of the vehicle owner
  • Collect all necessary documents, such as completed incident report
  • Assign task to the next collision repairer (also arrange pick-up and delivery service)
  • Review the cost calculation
  • Develop a repair guide regarding the individual needs of the vehicle fleet
  • Determine the repair execution
  • Check all invoices (ex. vehicle repairs, rental car coverages)
  • Claim expenses from insurance company
  • Regulate overview of claims to fleet managers
  • Report savings through the efficient repair routes
  • Provide a hotline with 24-hour service, 365 days of the year

Your benefits:

  • Relief of administration through our repair organization 
  • No time-consuming transactions with insurance companies
  • Quality control through our experts
  • Cost saving through alternative repair methods
  • Repair based on the needs of your vehicle regarding age and purpose of the vehicle
  • No policy adjustments due to excessive damages or high volume of customers
  • No surprises with the invoice upon return of leased vehicles
  • Stronger negotiating position with insurance companies through cost-effective repairs
  • Manufacturer's guarantee remains consistent
  • Overview of the damage and your savings
  • Regular support from our employees in the field and in the office
  • Responsive service