Our history

As one of the only independent claims managers in Switzerland, HCG Schadenmanagement settles all types of vehicle claims.

As a pioneer in the development of the first independent car body network in Switzerland, HCG Zentrum GmbH already managed hail damage on behalf of insurance companies to its network partners in 2007, the year it was founded.

The potential of the efficient network was soon convincing and the company sought to additionally manage glass and car body damage.

Over the years, HCG Zentrum GmbH has transformed itself from a pure hail damage manager for insurance companies to a claims manager for vehicle fleets, insurance companies and leasing companies.

Our mission

We all have the same goal, to guarantee the vehicle user the best possible service in repairing the damage.

As a dynamic claims manager, we want to be seen as a "bridge builder" between the vehicle owner, the insurance company and the body shop, and we take into account the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the event of a claim.

We would like to make our contribution. With our "repair instead of replace" philosophy, we contribute to significantly reducing CO2 emissions - better still, we avoid CO2 emissions!

HCG claims management is active in three business areas, classic claims management, the assessment of repair calculations and "first level/admin support" for insurance companies.


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