We take over the entire organization and coordination of the vehicle handover. This includes all preparations, the actual vehicle handover and instruction in various user information (ex. in-company, specifications of the leasing company). 

Coordination of the vehicle delivery (from the dealer to us)

  • Check ordered vehicle for correctness and completeness
  • Check for transport damage
  • Supply the vehicles with the required equipment, ex. winter tires, labeling 

Vehicle return

  • Organization of the necessary documents for vehicle redemption in accordance with the respective cantonal regulations
  • Entry of all specified official identification (ex. change of owner prohibited: Item 178)
  • Vehicle redemption at the respective cantonal DMV

Vehicle handover

  • Agree with the vehicle user on the time and place for the vehicle handover
  • Vehicle handover, including preparing and filling out a handover protocol
  • Explanation of vehicle equipment
  • Reference to the user information regarding handling of the company/lease vehicles.