Independent Auto Body Shops with Quality Guarantee

We take care of your vehicles!

We stand for repairing instead of replacing!

The heart of HCG claims management is our certified partner network.
It consists of around 60 high performance auto body shops, each of which put customer service first. Therefore, our partners have the most modern technical equipment and great value is set on furthering the education of the employees.

Through a geographically skillful selection of partner companies, we can offer our services quickly nationwide during the event of an accident.

Upon request, we would also be happy to integrate your trusted auto service provider into our network.

We stand for repairing instead of replacing!

Inspected Regularly and Certified by

The service range of our partner companies: 

  • Auto body repairs of all vehicle brands

  • Cost-optimized and fair value repairs

  • Repairs according to the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer

  • Electric vehicle repairs

  • Processing of lease returns

  • Minor repairs – Micro Repair 

  • Rim repair

  • Glass repair

  • Hail dent repair – dent pulling technique

  • Pick-up and delivery service

  • Five-year guarantee on repairs

  • Replacement vehicles according to purpose

Furthering education - for us, it is self-explanatory:

The Swiss Technical College of Winterthur, aka Die Schweizerische Technische Fachschule Winterthur (STFW), has been running practical courses in the field of automotive technology for a good 90 years, including for the apprenticeship training and their practical final apprenticeship exams as well as further training for professional examinations with the national certificate, master's exams and other courses. 

In collaboration with the STFW and Repanet Suisse, employees are provided annual training courses for our network partners with a strong focus on "repairing instead of replacing." In these courses, the current topics provided for collision repair workers include adhesion technology, welding, dent removal technology, modern plastic repairs, headlight glass repairs, rim repairs, windshield repairs, et cetera.

For the car painters, the training courses include, but are not limited to, new shades, blending for color adjustments, minor repairs (Micro Repair) and bumper painting. In addition to this offer, our network partners also receive further training on the courses as advertised by Carrosserie Suisse.

Partner voices

Jwan Aeschlimann

Jwan Aeschlimann

Owner of Carrosserie Aeschlimann, 8108 Dällikon
Vice President of Carrosserie Suisse – Zürich district

"The partnership with HCG enlightens our employees with the awareness of a stronger need for a repair option which consumes less CO2. Repair more, waste less: that's what we stand for."

Adrian Bringold

Adrian Bringold

Owner of Carrosserie Bringold, 3063 Ittigen
President of Carrosserie Suisse – Bern district

"Through our collaboration with HCG's claims management, we can respond precisely to the needs of the fleet customer and guarantee a fair value for the repair of the individual vehicle."

Felix Wyss

Felix Wyss

Owner of Aarauer Carrosserie Werke, 5004 Aarau
Central President of the Carrosserie Swiss Association – Carrosserie Suisse

"'Repair instead of replace' - an appropriate attitude for the modern mind.
A win-situation for the fleet owner, the insurance company, the repair workers and the environment."


Arno Theus

Arno Theus

Owner and Managing Director Carrosserie Theus AG, 7000 Chur
Member of the Board of Carrosserie Suisse - Graubünden Section

"As an innovative and sustainably oriented car body shop, we live the same values as HCG. All HCG customers in Graubünden benefit from our partnership and our shared ideas."